Education To Build A Nation

“Education is the most powerful weapon 
you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela

To equip and empower remote, illiterate people groups with essential learning skills that will build a solid foundation that they are able to read, write and learn together.



Mercy Air has adopted two pillars of outreach:


Education Medical
teacher edu Cathy edu


As each of these disciplines require specialised resources and skills, Mercy Air collaborates with partner organisations that share our vision, mission and commitment to excellence.

Through joint venture agreements, Mercy Air has formed Education to Build a Nation as a collaborative organisation with multiple partner organisations. The joint venture combines the vast experience of many professional educators to build resources, train grass root teachers and educate communities.



«The Mercy Air helicopter was an invaluable resource during our humanitarian response in Mozambique. The professionalism and support of the Mercy Air team went far beyond the call of duty, in delivering urgent equipment and supplies to affected communities in remote locations»

andrew_clarke Andrew Clarke, Oxfam GB
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