Mwinde Village, Marroumeu, Mozambique

“I do not have 300mets, but I can give you chickens instead. Please could I buy an audio Bible with them?”

Nunes Tomos is a fifty-year-old fisherman from the village of Mwinde near Marroumeu, Mozambique. Several years ago, he owned a well-used audio Bible that he treasured, often listening to it late into the night. But when his canoe was damaged irreparably, making it impossible to continue fishing, Nunes knew his only option to provide for his wife and five children was to trade his audio Bible for a new canoe. Unable to read and no longer in possession of an audio Bible, Nunes had no access to the Word of God.

Over the following years, Nunes often said to himself, “I want a new Bible, I want a new Bible.” In recent months, he even saw that his friends from nearby villages had somehow gotten them. When Nunes heard the Mercy Air helicopter land in his village, he said, “Finally I will get one. I will not miss this opportunity!” Knowing that Mercy Air charges a minimal fee for the audio Bibles, his heart sunk as he realized that he did not have enough money to buy one. However, not willing to give up hope yet, he looked around his home and found a possible alternative: chickens.

17 April - Marromeu - Nunes 2.jpg

After agreeing to a price of three chickens, Nunes brought his chickens and eagerly awaited the unmistakable sound of the approaching Mercy Air helicopter which would bring the much anticipated audio Bibles. Upon landing, there was a quick exchange of chickens for audio Bibles, and Nunes happily carried his new Bible home, eager to once again, listen to God’s Word in Sena, his mother tongue.