Mamoli - Malaria

Cerebral malaria is the most dangerous form of malaria, and may cause delirium, seizures, coma, and brain injury. Without treatment, it is invariably fatal.

Dodo’s two-year-old daughter, Happiness, was sick with malaria, so Dodo did the only thing she could think of: she walked to the nearby village of Hucu, where the helicopter would bring a team of nurses the next day. She would bring malaria medicine home to her daughter, and Happiness would get well. What Dodo did not realize was that she also had malaria, but hers was cerebral and her situation was life-threatening.

When the helicopter landed on Tuesday morning, the villagers immediately brought one of the nurses, Julia, to the dimly-lit room where her clinic sometimes took place. Upon entering, instead of an empty room, Julia found a young woman lying on the floor, shivering and unconscious. Suddenly, the woman’s eyes flew open and she looked around the room, but she did not seem to comprehend where she was. Julia spoke to her, but she did not respond. After several unsuccessful attempts, Julia left the room to speak with the villagers.

17 April - Mamoli - Malaria.JPG

The villagers explained Dodo’s strange behavior and unexpected arrival the day before. Dodo had come for medicine for her daughter, but it would not be possible for her to make it home without help.

Mercy Air pilot, Joel, immediately agreed to bring Dodo and the nurses back to her village of Xihadlo to treat her daughter. Upon arrival, they found several more individuals with malaria and treated all of them. After ensuring Dodo’s daughter, was treated and well cared for, Dodo was flown to the nearest hospital where she also received the treatment she needed to survive.